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About Size & Weight  of our Tights : 
*Height : 150cm〜165cm (4' 10"-5' 5")
*Hip : 85〜98cm (40-46) (26-31inch)
*Weights :
 80 denier tights:about 95g / 1 piece.
 20 denier tights:about 65g / 1 piece.
 package weight:about 80g


[For your reference]
80D tights x 1 x 95g =  95g + 80g(package weights) =about 175g
80D tights x 2 x 95g = 190g + 80g(package weights) =about 270g

*Payment : PayPal only

**Payment amount : Product price + shipping charges


*Shipping method : EMS only

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List of Delivery Days (EMS: from Tokyo)

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